Choosing Your New Home Warranty

(aka Residential Service Contract)


As part of the purchase of your new home, a Home Warranty will give you the peace of mind that you have comprehensive protection against the high cost of repair or replacement of your home's major appliances and systems.  As a member of the CRES Insurance Group, we provide information on the following companies.  Please review each plan's coverages and additional options.  Once you have determined which one you prefer, we will let the title company know so they can make arrangements for your coverage.  This will be paid at closing with any credit from the seller being applied on your settlement statement.

Buyer's Protection Group  ($395 - $475)  with a $60 Service Call Fee (Additional Options Available) 

Old Republic Home Warranty  ($375 - $525) with a $60 Service Call Fee (Additional Options Available)

First American Home Buyer's Protection  ($370-$440) with a $60 Service Call Fee (Additional Options Available)