"Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." -- Paul J Meyer.

Our Plan for Your Success

Once you have decided it is time to move forward with selling your home, we will help you create a plan that will maximize your profit.  Each step along the way is essential and requires a seasoned and knowledgeable professional.  

First, We Help You Determine the Proper Listing Price

Pricing a home for maximum value involves several factors.   A good Realtor will understand how prices fluctuate during the peak marketing season.  They will understand how the current supply and demand affects pricing.  They will know which neighborhoods compete with one another.  Additionally, they will understand how your upgrades and improvements will affect your value over comparable homes in the area.  Our specialists will analyze your home, neighborhood, and amenities to devise a customized marketing plan with an effective price. If priced properly and marketed correctly, it is possible that your home will generate competing offers.  This often results in a higher final sale price. 

Next, We Help You Get the Right Exposure

We don't list your home until you are ready to get the highest possible exposure.  Our agents know which days are best to make your listing go live.  We understand how internet syndication works.  We understand that making your listing live before professional photography has been completed and added to the MLS is much like a lead balloon.  Instead, we will ensure that our marketing collateral focuses on the highlights of your home.  Sometimes that means we will show 25 photos of your home.  Sometimes, we will show less.  Our site will not only highlight your listing but will also highlight the fact that it is newly available, creating a buzz. We will utilize national, regional, and local MLS syndication so that your home is shows up in all of the places that buyers are searching.  Trulia, Zillow, Move.com, Realtor.com, and all the national real firms will receive your listing.  This ensures that your home will have the highest number of potential homebuyers scrambling to snatch it up.

We Understand Effective Internet Marketing

Since you are reading this online, you probably won't be surprised to learn that more than 80% of today's buyers first begin their home search online.  For that reason, you have to find an agent that utilizes a robust search and marketing website.  You should ensure they understand how to utilize the best keywords to get your home found online.  Make sure they understand terms like click bait, stickiness, SEO, gamification, etc.   Ask them if the utilize any paid media to promote your listing.  Not only do we understand these terms, we embrace them.  One of the first steps toward marketing your home is to establish a personalized website utilizing your home's address as its URL.  We understand the benefits of this to those who drive by and want to learn about your home, using their smart phone to search for information.  Don't choose a listing agent that does not employ these strategies in their marketing plan.

For You, It's a Win Win!

We do not charge you anything up front to list your home.  Once the offers start to come in, we will act as your agent during the negotiation process.  Our fiduciary responsibility is to you.  We will professionally communicate to any other parties as you desire.  We know that you have spent hours building and creating a home that you are proud of.  As your liaison, we can help take the emotion out of the process.  This ensures that the process proceeds smoothly so that all parties are happy with the final outcomes. Additionally, we will help you complete all of the required paperwork during the process.  

We would love to discuss your home and your home selling needs.  Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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