Top Tips for Selling Your home!

CLEAN IT!  Your home really does need to be clean and ready to move in.  Buyers want to be able to unpack their kitchen and bath items right away without having to do a major over-haul to clean the home first.  

PAINTing is one of the least expensive things you can do to update your home. Twenty years ago, knotty pine cabinets and dark hardwood kitchen cabinets were all the rage.  However, in just a few days time and a little sweat equity, you can update your kitchen by painting your cabinets white.  The kitchen will appear fresh and clean.  Additionally, don't overlook tidying up baseboards as well as inside cabinets and pantries. 

CONSIDER PURCHASING NEW HARDWARE to go along with the new paint.  Brushed nickle hardware against the white background will make the cabinets "pop".  This can also help to draw the buyer's eyes away from older kitchen appliances or counter tops.  

DE-CLUTTER Know that buyer's will open cabinets, pantries and drawers.  A well-organized pantry indicates cleanliness and space. Consider investing in matching plastic containers for cereals and dry goods.  Also, fresh shelf liners are always a good idea.  Consider renting a storage unit and move out seasonal items.  Clean floors of clutter inside closets.  Make all areas of your home easy to vacuum, sweep and mop.

CONSIDER YOUR BUYER.  Try to look at your home through the average buyer's eyes.  While your lifestyle may have found it appropriate to turn your extra bedrooms into workout rooms or music rooms, consider whether or not these rooms should be converted back to their original purpose for the sake of your buyers.  Many buyers are simply unable to look past your furnishings to consider their own needs and uses for a room, especially if your room requirements caused you to paint the room some dark color or wild pattern.

MAKE YOUR BATHROOM "SPARKLE".  Nothing is more of a turn off than a bathroom where the grout is dirty or moldy or full of soap scum. At a minimum, spend an hour with a toothbrush and some bleach and scrub that grout. This is something you can do on your own in just a half a day. If your bathroom has been neglected, it may be worth the investment to call a grout professional for either cleaning or painting the grout to restore its lustre.

CONSIDER A HOME STAGER.  Check with your Realtor to find out if a home stager would be beneficial to you.  Often, they are able to offer suggestions for furniture arrangements, photo displays and other decor dilemmas that are very helpful.  

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