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Free Ice Skating Frisco

Let's face it, ice skating has not traditionally been a mainstream sport in North Texas. Other than the occasional temporary rinks during the winter holidays or the Winter Olympics every four years, most of us don't think of ice skating when we think of recreation. Perhaps it is because we tried it--once--without any instruction and decided there were no "triple salchows" or "hat tricks" in our future. If you were like me on my one-and-only outing, I had looked like Bambi floundering around on the ice. It was not a pretty picture, and my ego was not the only thing bruised.

However, the Dallas Stars have a program that is designed to improve my ice skating self-esteem. They are offering a Free Program that allows you and me to Try Skating for Free.

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If you took advantage of the First-Time Homebuyer Credit, the IRS has now released a "tool" to help make the process of determining your pay-back requirement a little easier.  This will be helpful as the IRS is no longer mailing reminder letters to taxpayers who have to repay the credit.

In 2008 Congress enacted the First-Time homebuyer Credit in the aftermath of the housing crisis.  If you bought a home in 2008 and claimed the First-Time Homebuyer Credit, the credit is similar to a no-interest loan and must be repaid in 15 equal annual installments that began with your 2010 return.  In 2009, Congress amended the ruling to eliminate the pay-back requirement.  However, anyone who sold their home, or stopped using it as their main home, may have to repay

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