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It appears that we may finally be seeing a bit of stabilization in the market.  The inventory of homes for sale in Frisco took a nosedive in January of 2020, causing prices to sky-rocket.  But, it appears that we are finally seeing prices drop a bit.  Homes are still going very quickly, with most homes going under contract within the first week they hit the market.  

If you are hoping to sell your Frisco home, now is a great time!  You can still get top dollar.  We are happy to offer you a free home valuation to let you approximately what you can expect to sell for.  Give us a call.  844-371-5999.

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On Friday, October 18th, the PGA finally broke ground on their new headquarters.  In December of last yea,r the PGA announced it was moving  to Frisco, TX.  The deal was achieved through a combination of both public and private partnerships.  Plans include an Omni resort style hotel with 500 rooms along with a conference center.  The 600 acre development, located in northwest Frisco, will house the PGA's 100,000 square foot headquarters,  three golf courses, a clubhouse, and a mixed-use development that will include additional retail space.

Although completion is not anticipated until 2022, the PGA has already announced dates for the first Championship tournaments planned for the new facilities.  They are as follows:

  • KitchenAid Senior PGA
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Frisco's 2019 Budget and Tax Rate Adopted

On Tuesday, the Frisco City Council voted to keep property tax rates unchanged.  However, escalating property values may still mean homeowners will be faced with higher tax bills.  But, there is more good news.  In June, the city council also announce they were increasing the homestead exemption for property owners to 10% of the assessed value.  Read more about property taxes and compare local taxes here.

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New Home with a Pool in Carrollton, TX (Coyote Ridge Subdivision)

I am sure you are familiar with Alabama's lyrics..."If you're gonna play in Texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band..."  Okay, you are ready for that new home, but it could be said..."If you're gonna live in Texas, you gotta have a pool in the back..."  Because, it looks like that may be the only way you are gonna survive in the summer heat...  Well, we have the perfect solution for you.  This super cute single-story custom home has everything you need.

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Pool   Kitchen

Living   Living 2

Breakfast   Dining

Master   Master Bath

This single-story home, has three bedrooms and two and a half baths along with a 3-car garage...  Really, can it get any better?   The floor plan is super

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2608 Valley Creek Trail Golf Course

New listing in Sunset Ridge subdivision backing to the Eldorado Country Club Golf Course

If you love golf, or even just love a home with a golf course view, you are going to love this new listing in Sunset Ridge.  Backing to the Eldorado Country Club golf course, this home is positioned with a beautiful view of the #2 green.  In fact, you could easily practice your chipping from your own backyard; just be sure to avoid the water surrounding the hole and the two large bunkers. 

The mature trees and gorgeous landscaping make this house feel like a private oasis.  You really must experience it.  But, don't dilly dally.  This one won't last long.

Oh yeah....and the house...

This single-story home, has four bedrooms and two baths along with a

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Okay, so you have found your dream home.  The sellers have accepted your offer.  If you are like most people, this will be one of the single most important and expensive purchases you will ever make.  So, you need to ensure that your greatest asset is completely protected.  Let's discuss how to do just that.

  • What is Title?

Title is the legal evidence of your right to own and possess the land.  Since there is always a chance that someone other than the seller has a prior legal right to the property you are buying, title insurance offers you protection, which gives you a peace of mind about your purchase.  There are a number of prior issues or "defects" that can go undisclosed even after a careful "title search" of public records.  Sometimes

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Free Ice Skating Frisco

Let's face it, ice skating has not traditionally been a mainstream sport in North Texas. Other than the occasional temporary rinks during the winter holidays or the Winter Olympics every four years, most of us don't think of ice skating when we think of recreation. Perhaps it is because we tried it--once--without any instruction and decided there were no "triple salchows" or "hat tricks" in our future. If you were like me on my one-and-only outing, I had looked like Bambi floundering around on the ice. It was not a pretty picture, and my ego was not the only thing bruised.

However, the Dallas Stars have a program that is designed to improve my ice skating self-esteem. They are offering a Free Program that allows you and me to Try Skating for Free.

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An overseas investment group (IGO) has announced plans for the company’s first development project in the State of Texas. Frisco, Texas will be home to The Gate, a mixed-use luxury development to be located on nearly 41 acres at the northwest corner of the Dallas. They are currently in the master planning process.  Ultimately, this project could bring 800,000 square feet of office space, 100,000 square feet of retail space, a 90-room hotel room, park, apartments and two, 10-story luxury condo towers to Frisco near the new site for the Dallas Cowboys headquarters and practice facility.  Watch this cool video.  

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According to JESSE J. HOLLAND of the Associated Press,  It is true that "we do grow everything bigger in Texas," even the cities.

New data from the Census Bureau shows that Frisco, Texas was the second fastest growing city in the nation beween 2012 and 2013.  San Marcos, Texas was number one and Cedar Park, Texas was number 4.   Perhaps Governor Perry's "Wide Open For Business" campaign, is really making an impact...  Or perhaps, folks are simply intrigued by all this great town has to offer.  

If you haven't visited yourself, we would love to host you and take you on a discovery tour to find out just what makes this little city so attractive.

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